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Since filming was completed the production team have fundraised and rescued Srey Leak, Me Nea and Cheata from the horrors they faced on a daily basis. For the last few months, with the assistance of CCPCR (The Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children's Rights), the girls have been training at a beauty school in Phnom Penh, and will soon be qualified beauticians and hairdressers - their lifelong dream. We will then help them find jobs in Phnom Penh. Please revisit this page for updates.

Updates below;

December 2011
We have now raised over £70,000 through the Cambodia fund! Thank you so much for all your kind donations. This money has all gone to CCPCR, and has helped many, many other children in crisis situations find rehabilitation in Cambodia.


Me Nea is doing very well and now has her own hairdressing shop in Phnom Penh, and has bought a motorbike to help her get around the town.

February 2011
Me Nea and Cheata completed their courses in Phnom Penh. The girls are now qualified beauticians and hairdressers with diplomas. Both Me Nea and Cheata are working in Phnom Penh and we will continue to assist them with the kind support of CCPCR Srey Leak, the youngest of the three girls, has struggled with the course partly due to her mother's illness. But we will continue to support her through donations made to the Cambodia Fund.
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Girls on hearing news
Me Nea and Cheata at school
Srey Leak
Me Nea in her new shop


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Millenium Festival, France, 2012
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Document 9, Glasgow, 2011

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Cinema Politica, Canada, 2011

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Pravo Ljudski, Sarajevo, 2010

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Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival - Turkey, 2011

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IDFA - Docs 2010

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Sheffield DocFest, Videotheque, 2010

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